8 Things No One Tells You About Getting Engaged

Thursday 5th Jan 2017
1. You won’t be able to stop looking at your hand 

Hello, you have a new beautiful stone on your hand! That coupled with the significance the ring holds is enough to have you gazing continuously at your finger.

2. Be prepared to see your nail lady more than your mother 

Everyone is going to want to have a look at the ring so make sure your nails are in pristine condition!

3. You’ll be repeating your proposal story a million times! 

As soon as you become engaged, everybody will be asking how he proposed: Get used to it! Personally we think retelling the story over and over again is all in the fun of becoming engaged, it’s like reliving the proposal each 

4. Your recently married friends will become wedding planning experts 

They are either super excited for you and want to assist or are suffering post-wedding blues, but you’ll definitely receive some unsolicited wedding advice.

5. Everyone will want to know all the details about the wedding, even if you haven’t started planning yet! 

Everyone is excited, but it can become a little overwhelming having everybody bombard you with questions before you've even had a chance to think of a wedding date yet. We suggest telling people “we’re just happy to be engaged at the moment, there’s plenty of time to begin planning” to give them the hint.

6. Pinterest, Instagram and wedding blogs will become your new best friend 

Meet your new wedding planner – SOCIAL MEDIA! You’ll be spending a significant amount of your free time on Pinterest creating numerous wedding boards (if you haven’t already), and scrolling through an Instagram feed full of wedding bloggers, dress makers and event stylists.

7. Your life will revolve around your upcoming nuptials, including your bank account

It’s time to put yourself on a strict wedding budget. Eating out every night is a thing of the past and don’t even think about those shoes you saw that you don’t really need but are totally cute. Trust us though, it’ll all be worth it when you have your perfect wedding day.

8. Your relationship is the same, but better! 

You’re still the same people, it’s the same loving relationship, but it will all seem better now because of the added extra level of commitment!

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