• HOW HE ASKED: Christian and Vanessa

HOW HE ASKED: Christian and Vanessa

Thursday 1st Dec 2016

"We met around 5 years ago through my best friend Sarah (Chris's note - we actually met briefly at Lisa's birthday (Sarah's little sister) a few years before...but Vanessa doesn't remember. I must have made a great impression....). One night we all went out for a birthday at Red Room and had our first kiss there while no one was looking....we think. A few days later he asked me out on a date to Korean BBQ for dinner and a game of tenpin bowling. After that night, he called me every night for the next week or so wanting to see me. I had just broken up with someone and was in a weird head-space at the time and although I thought it would be fun to go out with someone different, I was just not ready and the calls every night just scared me away. So I used the old trusted lines "it's not you, it's me" and "let's remain friends" - he just wasn't my type lol (at least that was what I thought at the time...) We lost touch for a while after that...

Zoom forward 4 years.... Sarah had a birthday dinner and Chris came along. It had been quite some time since I had seen him and we got chatting straight away. He had consumed a couple too many so I offered to drive his car back to Sarah's place where the celebrations continued. In between Chris screaming for his life and asking me to maybe slow down a little, the privacy of the car gave us a chance to talk about what happened all those years ago. He seemed to be in a happy place and his admission that he called too much but that it was because he genuinely liked talking to me made me wonder about my original decision. He seemed a different person and I was in a better place. I wondered whether this time around it might work? That night, Chris messaged me and asked me out for a casual drink and I accepted, meeting him at the Bayview Hotel which happened to be having a trivia night. He got so many answers right that I just had to go out with him and the rest is history! lol"


"All I remember is sore feet and a massive rock on my finger! It was Chris's birthday and lunch was on me at Café Sydney. Little did he know that I had set up for a few friends and family to surprise him for his birthday at his favourite pub in The Rocks afterwards. I had to get him out of lunch and get him walking to the pub. He kept asking whether I would like a drink at the Opera House. Strange. He normally would never pass up a chance to have a drink at the Glenmore. Still, I pressed on and again said "no babe, this is your day, let's have some drinks at your favourite pub". Thankfully he relented and off to The Rocks we walked (Chris's note - at this point the idea of asking by the Opera House was now out...maybe that little church past the Argyle could be a nice place to propose??). And we walked and walked and walked...by this time my ankle (I have a bad ankle...) is throbbing and we walked past a church and a massive bake sale is on (Chris's note - dammit!!! Now my only option is maybe down near Pier 1...maybe she can make it but that ankle is getting her angry...maybe I might leave it for another day....). Chris seems in a hurry for some reason and I am sure we are going the longest way to the Glenmore as I kept screaming out “ I am sure there are some stairs somewhere to take us to the Glenmore”.

I finally talk him into just heading straight to the pub. As we get there all our friends yell "surprise!!". Chris can't believe it and is amazed that I managed to keep it a secret for weeks (Chris's note - I am freaking out....but then realise that I get to propose to her with family and friends there as well...now...how do I do this...). After a few minutes of saying hello to everyone we settle in for a few drinks when out of the blue, Chris is on one knee in front of me holding up a ring and asking me something (Chris's note - I asked if she could be my birthday present for life and be my wife...corny and I think I kind of blurted it out so I had to repeat it!). My first thought was "what are you doing? get up off the floor, is this a joke?"! One of our friends who was right next to us yells out "just say YES!! He is being SERIOUS!!". I of course said "yes!" through tears (Chris's note - My jaw was trembling I was so nervous and yes, I was crying too...)."

Chris and Vanessa will be celebrating their wedding day with us on August 28th, 2017 at Dockside - We can't wait to hear all about their perfect day. 
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