Thursday 1st Jun 2017

Choosing an MC is a difficult task which requires lots of research. Recently we spoke to our talented preferred supplier Frank MC and asked 7 questions which differentiates him from the rest! We have done the research for you aiming to make your wedding planning as smooth as can be!

What is your most favourite part of your job?

My most favourite part of my job is that I have never actually considered being a wedding MC a “job”. It’s a privilege to be chosen as someone’s MC and play my part in the biggest day in a couples lives. I understand that many months have gone into planning a wedding day and therefore the role of the MC carries a great deal of responsibility. Knowing that I have played a role in adding to the fun, excitement, experience and atmosphere is what my “job” is all about. At the end of the night when my couple and their families and friends thank me and say “great job MC”, I know my work is appreciated.   

What do you most enjoy about working in weddings?

Every wedding is different and unique. You see people at their best and everyone is there to have a good time. I enjoy sharing in the spirit of the whole event and working closely with the banquet team and all the other suppliers to deliver a superb event. I enjoy most of all looking after people, and making people happy, especially the bride and groom! I also enjoy seeing the mix of emotions on display, at a wedding its fine to laugh and cry and feel everything in between. Everybody loves attending a wedding, including me!     

What is your favourite part of the wedding?

My favourite part is welcoming all the guests and introducing the bridal party. During this opening period as an MC I need to engage quickly with guests, I then introduce the bridal party, and formally introduce the newly married couple. When you deliver a well-timed, high energy introduction it sends a signal that the party has well and truly started and it’s time to relax enjoy the night’s festivities.

What sets you apart from other MCs?

I have been a wedding MC for over 25 years and thoroughly love what I do. What sets me apart from other MC’s (many of whom I know and respect,) is my level of experience, my professionalism and my attention to detail. Added to this is my enthusiasm and natural ability to articulate your plan and run-sheet and professionally and discreetly control a room full of guests. Also, what sets me apart from other MC’s is that I understand the importance of culture and traditions. For this reason over the years I have learned to say a few words of welcome in over 10 languages. From the moment a couple engage me, I am working with you and am happy to give freely of my experience. My unique MC “checklist” ensures that everything that can be planned into a wedding is covered and nothing is overlooked. On the night I deliver a blend of formality mixed with light hearted fun, laughter and spontaneity. Oh, I also believe my price is very competitive. 

What can Brides and Grooms expect to receive when they book with you?

They can expect a high level of personal service and attention. All my couples receive a 1 – 2 hour face to face consultation where I listen to your ideas and suggest a few of my own. Many couples think the role of an MC is merely to make announcements and introduce speeches, cake cutting etc. Although this may be true in many respects the ultimate role of an MC is to professionally time-manage all the small elements and details that are crafted into an event. You can also expect that I will be with you not just during the planning phases but also on the night (all night,) to represent you; and most importantly, ensure the focus of the night celebration is the Bride and Groom! Therefore a good MC should be “heard but not seen”. 

Do you have any tips for wedding speeches for Brides and Grooms?

Speeches are a real highlight of the night and my advice is think about who you would like to invite to speak and why. Traditionally both the bride and grooms father gives a speech, followed by the best man and the finally the groom. I have MC’d weddings where there have been multiple speakers including the bride and groom. Think about where in your run sheet you wish to time the speeches and if you have more than four speeches you may wish to split them into two blocks. Ideally, the speeches should conclude and coincide with the meal service ie: when the last person has finished speaking the main course is served. This way all the guests, including the bridal party are seated and you flow seamlessly into the meal service. Each speaker should prepare well and time to speak for between 3 – 4 minutes. Usually the groom and brides speech run longer but that’s ok, because after all it is your wedding and your guests are there to hear what you have to say.

One final very important tip, speeches should never start without all the bridal party, parents and guests being seated and made aware that speeches are happening and that speeches are an important part of the celebration and require your full attention.     
What services do you offer?

As your MC I offer you a full package of my services and these include, but are not limited to:

Pre wedding day: Meet with couples for initial consultation, phone and email support and assistance, assist in the preparation of the run sheet and offer advice, complete my preparation work and all necessary duties.

On the wedding day (off microphone): Arrive at the venue an hour or so before guests, liaise and work with banquet team and other suppliers to ensure times and coordination, meet with bride and groom to go over and fine tune all the run sheet details, prepare and brief bridal party for grand entrance.

On the wedding day (on microphone): Welcome guests, introduce and welcome bridal party, make all required announcements throughout the night ie: meal service, photo booth, candy bar etc. Then organise main formalities and announce speeches, cake cutting, bridal waltz, father / daughter dance, guest dancing, bouquet, garter and farewells.  As your MC one of my most important duties is to ensure the schedule is adhered to and that all the elements happen at exactly the right time and to best effect and that your event RUNS TO TIME!

Frank MC
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