• To Sit or Stand, That is the Question

To Sit or Stand, That is the Question

Friday 9th Dec 2016
Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event or private celebration, the age old question of whether to sit or stand always comes up. Whilst many years ago, a sit-down dinner was the obvious choice, these days cocktail parties are growing in popularity.
Before you pull your hair out trying to decide, we've listed some things to consider when making the decision 

Determine what atmosphere you’re going for

If you’re after a relaxed event where guests can mingle and get to know each other, then cocktail is for you! 
Sit-down events tend to be more formal, following a set structure.

The myth that cocktail is always cheaper

There is a common belief that cocktail is the cheaper option of the two – and whilst in some cases this is true, there are some other costs to factor into a cocktail event. With a cocktail event, you will need to hire a substantial amount of furniture to not only fill the space of the room, but to accommodate seating for your guests.
Also, keep in mind, with a sit-down event, your guest numbers are restricted by the amount of space you have to seat people in a room. Cocktail allows you to invite more people to fill the space (which is a total win), however, could also mean costing works out to be the same price.

Think with your stomach

Sit-down events, whether it be 3 or 4 courses, offer your guests a full hearty meal and definitely ensure they won’t be stopping at the local McDonalds on the way home. In saying that, hosting a cocktail function doesn't have to mean a room full of hungry guests – Include several food stations for your guests to graze on, all whilst servers walk around with a delicious selection of hot and cold canapés.

It’s all in the planning

A cocktail function is generally easier to coordinate. There isn’t a need for table numbers, seating arrangements or menus as there is for a sit-down events. If we’re being honest though, there’s a lot of planning involved for both types of events.

Consider each of these points and then decide on what works better for your event.