• Ways To Find Wedding Inspiration, That Isn't Pinterest!

Ways To Find Wedding Inspiration, That Isn't Pinterest!

Monday 26th Jun 2017
STEP AWAY FROM THE PINTEREST FOR A MOMENT LADIES! Creating a Pinterest board is a rite of passage for every modern day Bride-To-Be, and although we love a scroll on Pinterest every afternoon at 4pm, there are plenty of other places to gather inspiration and ideas for your wedding


Don’t underestimate how much inspiration you can draw from your own life. For example, take a look at your home and what surrounds you. Look at colours, textures and fabrics, as well as your prized possessions. 

We also recommend thinking about your favourite things; are you a fan of vintage clothing? Maybe that’ll set the tone for your wedding. Or is your favourite food pancakes? Consider having a breakfast wedding

Karen Tran Book Launch at Italian Village (image: Inlighten Photography)


Look to fashion and interior design trends for inspiration. Look at magazines, blogs, art galleries, fashion shows – We don’t necessarily mean that whatever is big at the moment has to be incorporated into your wedding, but looking at these things can give inspiration on a range of colours, textures, patterns or even photographic styles.


Hello! Instagram is a world of inspiration. Follow wedding planners, stylists, fashion designers and photographers from all over the world to gain inspiration and remember to take use of hashtags and geotags! 

We’ve also heard @docksidegroup’s Instagram was a load of inspiration ;)

Wolfies Trawler Room (Styling: Angelic Events)


Step away from your computer, look up from your smart phone and feast your eyes on the world around you. Look to nature and the surrounding city you live in or the area that surrounds your venue. You never know what natural elements you might find that you’ll want to incorporate into your wedding.


If you’ve booked your venue, take inspiration from the colours, architecture and décor provided. We think it’s so important to work with your space and ensure there’s complete synergy between your wedding styling and the venue.