• Do's and Don'ts of a Groom's Speech


Tuesday 22nd Sep 2015

Not sure what to include in your wedding speech? We recently spoke to John Alten, Australia's most outstanding MC, about the 6 Do's and Don'ts when writing the perfect speech! 

Prepare in advance by planning what you are going to say and the people you want to thank. 

Leading up to your wedding you will have developed a list of people who are deserving of a special mention. There is nothing more awkward than getting up to make a speech and drawing blanks. Prepare your speech in advance or make points you’d like to address to avoid this problem. 

Don’t become too intoxicated 

Of all the nights in your life, you are going to want to remember this one. Don’t overdo the bubbles, there is plenty of time for that on your honeymoon! 

Speak clearly, project your voice 

You want all of your guests to hear your speech, so make sure to speak clearly and loud enough so everybody will hear. No one likes a mumbler! 
Small tip: Don’t yell, if you feel your voice won’t project to everybody in the room, organise a microphone. 

Paula and Marty's wedding at Wolfies, Photography by Studio Something

Don’t share bucks party stories or refer to ex’s 

What happens on a buck’s night, should not be mentioned at your wedding. As for ex-girlfriend talk, leave that in the past! 

Make eye contact when possible 

Engage with your guests! Looking down at note cards or the floor doesn’t allow for your guests to connect with you. 

Don’t forget to mention parents/in-laws/bridal party 

This day may be about you and your new wife, but remember to drop in a mention about those who you both care most about and who have assisted in making sure your wedding was truly perfect.

Dani and Nathan's wedding at Dockside, photography by Wedding Soul Story 

Pay attention and thank those who have spoken before you

If you’re Father/Father-in-law/Best Man spoke before you, make sure to thank them for their kind words (or for spilling all your secrets!) 

Don’t be on your mobile phone as others are speaking about you 

You shouldn't be on your mobile phone throughout your wedding, especially during speeches. Put that phone on silent and only take it out for emergencies (‘just married’ selfies totally acceptable) 

Be sincere and original 

Speak from the heart – Everybody at your wedding is someone special in your life, thank them for coming and let them all know the love you have for your new wife. 

Robin and Erica's wedding at Italian Village, photography by Evoke Photography

Don’t use a Google speech template 

Everybody is doing it and every speech is sounding the same! Don’t bore your guests with the same speech they heard last weekend at another wedding. 

Talk about your wife in a way where no one in the room knows the things that you do 

Make your wife feel like the most special person in the word, talk about the little things she does that you only notice, or that special moment you realised you loved her – However be careful not to divulge any information your partner may not be happy to share with a room full of people! 

Don’t swear or use vulgar language

Keep it G rated please! It’s best to leave swear words out of your Groom’s speech to avoid offending anybody.

With a cultured voice, dynamic stage presence and unique energy, John Alten is one of Australia’s most outstanding MC's and Presenters. He regularly hosts weddings, expos, pageants, celebrity appearances, awards nights and product launches and has the uncanny ability to run a show from start to finish; keeping things on track whilst injecting his own warmth and humour.