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Dockside Group Celebrating 30 Years
  • Who We Are

    Dockside Group are a successful, family owned hospitality business with venues and restaurants at many first-class waterfront locations in Sydney.

    Founded by brothers Christopher, Theodore and Peter Drivas nearly 30 years ago, Dockside Group was launched with the opening of WatersEdge restaurant in Walsh Bay in 1986.

    Since then Dockside Group has grown dramatically and added many elite venues and restaurants to their collection; including Dockside Pavilion, Dockside, L'Aqua, Star Room and Eat Love Pizza in Darling Harbour and Waterfront, Wolfies and Italian Village at The Rocks. Dockside Group are also the exclusive caterer for Sydney Exhibition Centre @ Glebe Island.

    With Sydney harbour views, enviable locations and deliciously fabulous hospitality, these iconic waterfront venues are ideal for business events, weddings, private parties, school formals and fine dining.

    Corporate Responsibility

    We are committed to promoting responsible business practices and to limit the impact on the environment and to achieve a sustainable future.

    We are dedicated to reducing paper and energy usage and consistently monitor our waste generation, maintaining a successful recycling policy and complying with environmental legislation and regulations.

    Contact us to discuss how we can assist with your event.

  • Deliciously Fabulous Hospitality

    We have long been committed to providing genuine hospitality, meaning the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of our guests and fulfilment of all their needs and desires.

    We are in the business of providing fabulous experiences for all our guests - enduring memories, sensational service, delicious food and breathtaking iconic waterfront venues.

    This is what we mean by "Deliciously Fabulous Hospitality".

    We offer a warm, family style welcome to everyone and are always genuine and friendly. We welcome feedback on ways to improve our service.
    We pride ourselves on our professional excellence. We have the expertise to deal with any challenge that comes our way. We enjoy solving problems and finding innovative solutions.
    We are always accurate and truthful ' we never over-claim. We are always helpful, supportive and responsive. We are never strident but instead listen to the needs of our customers.
    We love what we do, our wonderful staff, the food we serve, the venues we have and the service we provide. We are motivated by our guest's enjoyment.
  • Proudly Supporting

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  • Career Opportunities

    We are always on the lookout for passionate, like-minded individuals to join the Dockside Group team. Take a look at the current vacant positions and fill out the form below.

    Our approach to people

    Work with an exceptional team
    Professional, respectful and honest
    Passionate for Hospitality
    Celebrating and recognising success
    Fun, hard working environment
    Encouraging innovation
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  • "We haven't finished the event yet but I wanted to say a sincere thanks to your amazing team. Your team stepped in and helped with everything, they've been incredibly professional and on the ball and they food has been awesome. The team has definitely delivered on 'deliciously fabulous hospitality' and I hope they are recognised accordingly for their efforts. "
    Kim Turnbridge- Dockside Briefing
    "Thank you for all of your assistance in arranging the event last night – the timings were seamless, and everything was set up perfectly. As a trained opera singer, I have a very healthy appreciation for well-run events! You make a great team. People have flocked to my desk this morning to compliment me on all aspects of the evening, but particularly the food. Please tell the chef how happy we were with the quality of the food and the portion sizes. Really generous and great tastes to everything. "
    Warren Smith & Partners
    "When I think of Dockside Group, a few words come to mind. Meticulous, professional, sophisticated, dedicated and consistent. They plan our events to perfection."
    Alison Muscat
    "Dockside Group were sensational and they assisted us all the way!!"
    Jonathan Smeagle - Commonwealth Bank
    "We couldn't have asked for more! Everything we asked for was dealt with expertly and efficiently."
    Avery Hassenbak - BHP Billiton
    "The venue was tailored to our needs and helped make for an exceptionally productive conference enjoyed by all!"
    Sarah McGovern - NSW Government