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Parking Needed
Fire Sprinkler Isolation
Do you require to use the venues electrical power supply?
Do you require more than 10A electrical power. E.g. 15A, 20A, or 3 Phase?
Please note all external suppliers (e.g. Coffee Carts, Food, Beverage or Event equipment that requires the use of greater than a 10A supply will need to use of the venues 3 Phase power outlet boards. A fee of $250 + GST cost is payable to the venue before bump in for supply of these boards. This ensures that both your equipment and the venues power is managed accordingly and in line with the NSW Electrical Safety Standards, NSW Fire Safety and Insurance regulations. Should a supplier trip the venues’ power supply, or damage the venue’s electrical outlets or power supply, the supplier will be responsible for the full cost of damage and repair as required by both the venue and the landlord including any additional calls outs for NSW Fire Brigade or safety consultants.

Event Supplier and Contractor Agreement

I/We understand and will comply with all and any points discussed pre, during, post the event and induction requirements.

I/We have a safe work method statement (and can supply on request as and where required) and have advised the Venues representative about any and all hazards and risks arising from the work activities that I/We will or am engaged to perform.

I/We agree to keep the Venues representative(s) informed of my/our progress, any identified risks and hazards and incidents that occur.

I/We understand that I/We are solely responsible for any damages to the Venues or its equipment during the course of our attendance.

I/We understand that Venues, its directors, employees or representatives is not liable for our personnel, staff or contractors, our equipment or items being provided or supplied and we waive full responsibility of any claim at any point prior, during or post an event or our works or services being completed whether financial or non-monetary liability terms.

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